Caterpillar Music has been providing music sessions since 2001 and thousands of families every week enjoy our classes at over 100 locations across the UK.
What are the benefits of music sessions?

Experts agree that music enhances learning and helps babies and adults communicate and every class at Caterpillar Music is carefully planned with nursery rhymes and songs to help develop vocabulary. Playing percussion instruments fosters dexterity and provides an early introduction to music for young babies and children. Interaction with other children develops social skills, confidence and fun.

In each weekly class, parents or carers actively join in - and for good reason. It has been shown that children benefit from activities in which their parents or carers interact with them.
The Caterpillar class - suitable for babies & toddlers together

The Caterpillar class is a mixed age group for young babies and toddlers to enjoy together.
Babies love music

Babies are never too young to enjoy Caterpillar Music and they enjoy watching other babies and older children- it encourages them to crawl, stand up and eventually start taking a few steps in order to follow the fun with the older children!

Babies love music and are captivated by the puppets and fun activities at every session - they soon recognise favourite songs, rhymes and music.

The classes are very relaxed and you can choose to join in as much as you want to. Children can learn and develop at their own pace- some may enjoy watching others before they are ready to join in.