The unique one-hour Buggy Workout is a guided walk with a qualified instructor which incorporates a wide variety of postnatal specific exercises into a comprehensive workout. This Workout class offers an effective, safe and specific one-hour exercise class with no childcare concerns – you bring your baby in your buggy!

- Burn off the excess ‘baby fat’ with lots of cardio pushing intervals
- Tighten and tone your muscles with resistance training
- Improve core stability for a healthier back and flatter abs
- Condition your pelvic floor so you can sneeze with ease!

The Pushy Mothers training system gives you a whole-body approach with functional stability training to enhance your everyday life.

Pushy Mothers on the Run is for mums, whose babies are nine months old or more, who wish to pick up the pace of their exercise regime. It empowers women with the skills and confidence to train outdoors alone or with a Pushy Mothers on the Run buddy. This fusion of drills, circuits and running techniques helps to safely introduce running to post postnatal women who have never run before, and to provide a re-introduction to those who have.

Pushy Mothers instructor training course has been accredited by The Royal College of Midwives and awarded a commendation by the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health.
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